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Sabtu, 18 Juni 2011

Lie To Me Episode 13 – korean drama

Lie To Me Episode 13 Korean drama, Yoon Eun-with a protagonist and Kang Ji Hwan Hye makes its national drama is more of the hand.
The drama is an adaptation of a popular drama described by reading the summary and character descriptions, and now the trailer makes me more and more asked if called adaptation, because there really is a different story.
I can not feel the same points as the original! Whatever! The only thing that captured my attention Yoon Eun-Hye Kang Ji Hwan and. She looks hot and masculine, with a gun and showing the combat skills, WOW! Looks much better than his previous performance in the drama.

Lie To Me Episode 13 Korean drama Synopsis:

Lie To Me Episode 14– korean drama

With luck, fist Joon Ki, who hit a punching bag on. What then is accompanied by music Cacophanous Oh Joon Ki and Jung both to play together and compete for something they get the value to increase. When the punching bag returns, Joon Ki immediately hit with a strong hand. Seeing the high score, they were both excited and jump when he jumps very high, because the value of every five. Currently, there Joon Ki phone rings at that time, and he saw that his Joo Yoon. Because the time to answer the call Joon Ki tidakditempat answer, then he hung up and then released. On the other hand, when Jung Ah was employed by the organization of data on the computer while on the right side Hyo Joon is scolded. Other people are seen, the atmosphere is very tense and hot and exchange views. Only Ah Jung, was busy with work, not paying attention to. Hyo Joon directly to his office with a satisfied look, you look Ah Jung.

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